Hair Binding Spells

Riches of Life spells

First, decide what you feel are the riches of life to you, many people have sought after my riches of life spell, just imagine being guided by a force that leads you to financial success, this spell gives you the advantage to gain fame and riches.

Attract Good Luck

Cast the Attract Good Luck to spell upon yourself or someone else if you wish to be surrounded by luck. This is a good spell to cast upon yourself if you plan to go to the races. The attract good luck spell can cancel a bad luck spell and can also put an end to a streak of bad luck. The Attract Good Luck spell replenishes the level of luck in your life. Special Spells

Generosity Casting

the Generosity spell upon someone else, or upon yourself, will cause the recipient’s mind to free up and the heart to soften to the point where sharing and kindness are part of the recipient’s personality. The Generosity spell recipient will no longer be afraid to give to others. This spell has been known to turn the most selfish person into a giver. This spell removes the recipient’s reasons for withholding from others.

Financial Loss

The Financial Loss spell is only effective on an individual who thinks very highly of themselves or is in some way deserving of this spell. The Financial Loss spell has been used to cause monetary failure to the recipient. This monetary loss can occur in the form of theft, bad decisions, or disaster.

Personal and Business or Project Energetic Spiritual Protection.

A lot of people experience attack that seems to come out of nowhere – this is a personal psychic attack. Also, Businesses and Projects may be interfered with from non-physical levels, nothing seems to go right, and progress is blocked or sabotaged – this is a psychic attack on your work. This service provides a thorough scan of all types of attack or interference throughout time, and, clears those sources of attack or interference. Also, a method of protection is given for maintenance. Regularly scheduled protection can also be set.

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Hair Binding Spells