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It is a unique and specialized self-made spell to meet the desires of the remanded. They are said to be the best spells because they give exactly what the requester needs. Experienced witches practice custom spells as they can manipulate and combine different spells, magical symbols and drawings use elements or plants and animals that represent or resolve that problem.
Custom spells may require proper planning as sometimes it could go wrong, and they are documented in a grimmer or witch book if it meets a need. Both good and bad custom spells can be classified into white and black magic; the demand might be for one’s favor and another’s downfall. Both good and bad witches usually do custom spells; it can go from a simple in-house spell to outdoor chants.Going back to mystical times, supernatural beings were made as a result of custom spells like in the movie, ‘originals,’ and ‘vampire diaries’ were spells were heavily manipulated and created by witches.

Some example of a custom spell includes:

. Potions
. Specified hex
. Riches spell
. Object magic
. Kingmaker spells
. bewitching spells
. Beauty spells
. Death spells
. Enchantments.
With the arrival of modern times and custom spells now placed on sales, one can cast a simple self-made spell if one has a strong belief in Spells.
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